Exam Only Courses


Invigilated Exam via either: 

1. Zoom online classroom. Zoom meeting link will be sent in separate email prior to the exam date.

2. In-classroom session at Simply Sailing


Exam times:

1. VHF one hour, includes oral exam. Bring two pieces of identification. No prerequesites. Closed Book. 

2. Basic Cruising Standard two hours. No prerequisites. Closed Book. 

3. Intermediate Cruising Standard two hours. Bring proof of Basic Cruising Standard, Basic Coastal Navigation and VHF card. Closed Book. 

4. Basic Coastal Navigation Standard. Three hours. No prerequisites. Open Book.

5. Intermediate Coastal Navigation Standard. Three hours. Closed Book


Exams may be marked during class if there is time. If there is not, exams will be marked afterwards and the results emailed to each student. 


# Date Duration Price Boat Spots Left  
EXAM-JUN06 THU 6PM Jun 6, 2024 1 Day CA$50.00 Classroom - not on boat 9 Sign Up
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