CNAVI-DEC18 SAT 6PM (1 Day) # Dec 18, 2021

Intermediate Coastal Navigation

This homestudy course covers the Sail Canada Intermediate Coast Navigation Standard.

Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation Standard is the prerequisite for this course. This course is the prerequisite for Sail Canada Advanced Cruising Standard.

Instructor The homestudy instructor will contact you directly by email.

Course Materials The textbook will be mailed to you. The course used the same chart as Basic Coastal Navigation, 3463 Strait of Georgia, Southern Portion.

Navigation Workshops Optional four hour classroom workshops are available monthly to register for separately to practice the skills for the basic course, and for review for intermediate students.

Discount There is currenlty no discount price for this course.

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Course Date
  • Dec 18, 2021
Textbook and materials will be mailed. Exam seating is DEC18 at 6:00PM
Classroom - not on boat
Coastal Navigation Basic
Coastal Navigation Intermediate